Environmental efforts have been a part of the Segway offering in Queenstown for some time. Since 2006 we’ve been providing experiences on this alternative mode of transport.

Introducing a fun alternative

The company was originally called Segway on Queenstown. The name was abbreviated to Segway on Q in 2008. The blurb on the website then and for many years after was; with the need for more environmentally forms of transport, this Segway is right on cue (on Q). Segway on Q was introducing a more eco-friendly way to get around, and having lots of fun in the process. Since then we’ve shared Segways with tens of thousands of people.

Environmentally friendly transport

The Segways run on electric motors that are powered by a couple of rechargeable batteries which last for many years. (As I write this, one of my original batteries from 2006 is still going, 17yrs later!). The power to recharge these batteries mostly comes from a clean renewable energy source, hydro-power. Combine that all together and you’ve got a very eco-friendly way to get around

Eco-friendly transport option

Cleaner option

It’s estimated that over half of all motor vehicle trips are for distances of less than 10km. That’s well within the range of the Segway. Imagine if more people chose a mode of transport like this for their short trips. Whether that be a Segway, bike/e-bike or an electric scooter, it makes a lot more sense to use one of these small vehicles to transport 1 person than the 1 tonne +/- alternative of a motor vehicle. Think of all the reduction in both emissions and congestion.

Act for nature

Segway on Q has introduced tens of thousands of people to an alternative mode of transportation. In addition to that, we took a moment to act for nature during the last conservation week. Our customers got stuck in with a few minutes of volunteer work to help control the spread of wilding pines. Over 1000 of these invasive trees had been removed by the end of the week. Read all about it here.

Doing their bit for conservation

Further steps

Segway on Q attains Silver Award from Qualmark!

Further steps are constantly taken for environmental efforts. Resource and energy use and waste are always closely monitored to ensure the best possible outcomes. Tourism’s independent quality assurance organisation, Qualmark, reviews these factors among many others. For the 2022 assessment, Segway on Q was upgraded from Bronze to the Silver standard. This is external recognition of great environmental performance.

Enjoy Segways in Queenstown

Come out for some great fun with our eco-friendly company on our eco-friendly form of transport!

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Kevin, a Kiwi, started Segway on Q in 2006. He's from Mt Maunganui in the North Island and after studying tourism has spent most of his adult life down in Queenstown.


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