Videos and Images of Segway on Q

Check out these videos and images of Segway on Q for an idea of what you might expect from your Queenstown Segway Tour. The last video has lots of candid reactions from passers by having a go. It gives you a good idea of what people think of the Segways. The top video is new for 2024!

In the image gallery you’ll see riders of all ages at all different times of year. You’ll see couples, families and friends all enjoying the Segway activity around various Queenstown locations. It’s the coolest way to check out the sightseeing.

Want to see more of Segway on Q’s Queenstown Segway Tour activities? Go to our facebook albums page for many thousands more images covering almost every month for a decade! You can check out any particular month of the year for an idea of what conditions you might expect. There are also some Queenstown team building events images there including some Segway Polo action.

For a variety of videos you can visit our facebook videos page. There you’ll see some tour videos, a couple of promotional videos and a few videos just playing around.