FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Segway on Q and their Queenstown Segway operations.

What are the age/weight restrictions?

Riders between 35kgs  -120kgs will be fine to partake in the Segway activity. If within 5kgs of this range (e.g. kids weighing 30-34kgs) then please check with Segway on Q about suitability. There isn’t a specific age restriction but generally it’s recommended for ages 10+.

Where is Segway on Q located?

Segway on Q operates from a home office in Queenstown. After making a booking, customers meet at the start/finish point which can be found on the contact page.

How many customers can they take?

Online bookings are open to book up to 8 customers. 9 may be accepted upon request. If you have more than 9 in your group then you’d need to take separate trips with 1 starting after the other has finished.

Are there any other options for bigger groups?

Segway on Q can run a private event. They’ll take some Segways to you or arrange to meet at a suitable location. They can give short rides to dozens or even hundreds of riders and even organise some fun games like a relay slalom race! Contact them for details.

Why does the booking system show no availability?

Most days and times throughout the year will show some availability. Covid restructuring though, means Segway on Q is no longer a 364 day a year business. Times may show no availability due to other bookings or events or simply because there isn’t a guide available. This will apply to late July and the first half on August 2023 for annual leave.

Are the Segways difficult to ride?

They’re easy to ride and your experienced guide will get you up and going in no time. Segway on Q has had customers up to 87yrs old and customers who can’t ride bikes who have all managed the Segways fine.

What should I wear?

Unless it’s a really hot day then bring an extra layer than what you would wear if going for a walk. You can leave it in your Segway bag if you don’t need it. In Winter, warm socks and shoes are recommended along with beanies, gloves and jackets. Segway on Q has spare gloves for those that need them.

Is it possible to select a custom trip time?

Yes, if there’s availability then times can be customised. Due to a time restriction in one of the areas they operate in, the latest 2hr Queenstown Tour is at 230pm. A special 90min option can still operate however after 230pm. The 90min option can run at various times throughout the day. Cost is $115 for adults, $105 for children and $399 for a family and no booking fee applies for this booking. Please contact Segway on Q if interested in the 90min option or if you’d like a customised trip time for the Bay Ride or Queenstown Tour.

Are the Segways eco friendly?

The Segways run on electric motors powered by rechargeable batteries which last many years. The energy for this is sourced from a clean renewable energy source, hydropower, making it very environmentally friendly.

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