Conservation Week 2022 was held earlier this month. Segway on Q took a moment to act for nature.

Wilding Pines

Segway on Q customers took a few minutes at the start of our tours to help with the control of wilding pines. These invasive plants spread very easily. In doing so, they form impenetrable forests of no economic value. They make farms unusable, take over natural ecosystems, use up scarce water, and alter iconic landscapes.

Lots of resources get invested in their removal

Millions of dollars are spent every year in New Zealand to help control these wilding conifers. Some crews get flown up onto mountains by helicopters equipped with chainsaws to cut down some of the bigger ones. Other areas get sprayed by air. Conservation Week 2022 was an opportunity to allow more people to get involved.

1000 trees removed

Around our training area there are loads of seedlings. That was our focus for Conservation Week 2022. Our customers from all over Australia and New Zealand did their bit by taking a moment to act for nature. By the end of the week, Segway on Q customers had managed to remove over 1000 of these invasive trees!

Benefits for nature and wellbeing

A Department of Conservation (DoC) email I’d received about a month before stated that taking action not only benefits nature, but also our personal wellbeing. Engaging with nature can positively contribute to te whare tapa wha (four pillars of Maori health). That includes your physical, spiritual, family and mental health. I certainly felt like our customers could feel good about themselves for engaging with nature and making a positive contribution to our environment. The family aspect was certainly apparent with one couple who had left their kids nearby with the kids grandparents. They ended up all getting involved as 3 generations worked together to do their bit.

Thanks to all for your efforts!

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Kevin, a Kiwi, started Segway on Q in 2006. He's from Mt Maunganui in the North Island and after studying tourism has spent most of his adult life down in Queenstown.


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