Sweet 16! Segway on Q celebrates it’s 16th birthday this November.

In 2006 I opened the business (then Segway on Queenstown) to our first customer on 1st November. Back then Airbnb hadn’t yet been founded and Kindle and Android were yet to be released. Facebook hadn’t even gone global nor had the iPhone been released.

I went into business for the challenges and rewards of operating a business and for the lifestyle. As a great quote goes though; “I didn’t want to work a 9-5, so I started my own business, now I work 24/7!” Haha! While that’s not completely accurate, there’s certainly some truth to it.

When you have a small business and you work from home it’s very easy for the lines between work time and home time getting blurred. Especially when you hold all the same responsibilities that you’d find in a big company just on a smaller scale. Whether you’re looking for the; manager, cleaner, maintenance person, accounts person, marketer, IT person, purchaser or guide etc, that would be me.

The business journey

The journey of 16 years in business has been a varied one. From no staff, to multiple staff to Covid. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster really. One of the highlights was getting to #1 on Trip Advisor not just in Queenstown but in the entire South Island up against about 530 other operators. Then in 2019 being rated as their #3 experience in the entire South Pacific! Reading customer reviews has been another highlight, seeing just how much people were enjoying their experiences with us as we enjoyed providing it.

16 years in business, sweet!

If you’re reading this and you’re planning a trip to Queenstown, then book your Airbnb, check out our reviews on facebook, grab your Kindle for the flight or check things out on your Android or iPhone, then come and visit a business older than the lot of them, Segway on Q!

Segway on Q staff and family celebrate 10 years in business at Queenstown Winter Festival Parade
Segway on Q staff and family celebrate 10 years in business at the Queenstown Winter Festival Parade in 2016.
Kevin Hey The Owner of Segway On Q with his Mother
Owner/Operator Kevin Hey with his then 75yr old mother in the early days of the business.
While recommended minimum tour age is around 10, Kevin’s kids made sure they got their turn on the Segways during staff Segway Polo events.
Segway Polo fun with staff and friends
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Kevin, a Kiwi, started Segway on Q in 2006. He's from Mt Maunganui in the North Island and after studying tourism has spent most of his adult life down in Queenstown.


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