Today was a great day for the snow tyres. The snow started falling yesterday evening. This morning Queenstown woke up with snow cover right down to lake level. The ski fields got a much-needed 25cms while several cms built up in places around the town. It was a real snow day with schools closed and work for some was cancelled. After a warm start to Winter and no snow days at all last year, it was great to see the town blanketed in white.

With a Segway booking at 11:30 this morning, my only concern was to whether my customers and I could get our motor vehicles to the start point safely. Fortunately, the roads were quite clear. The Segway themselves were less of a concern.

From every May to October all of our Segways are fitted with snow tyres. When buying new Segways they come with a standard Segway tyre. We have a full supply of snow tyres though, so for the colder months, we’re all set. I’ve tested these tyres on a hill in 10cm of powder snow and also on the ice-skating arena. They perform really well. We have had to close some days in the past with very heavy snowfall in town but it’s rare for things to get to that level.

Our North Island customers, Mitch and his daughters took our 2hr Queenstown Tour today. There was another level of Queenstown sightseeing, with truly great photo opportunities along the way. They got to enjoy some quality family time while getting a new experience. It was a (literally) very cool way to get around. They achieved to cover our full circuit with ease and in a much quicker time than if exploring on foot. What more could you want from a Winter adventure?

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Kevin, a Kiwi, started Segway on Q in 2006. He's from Mt Maunganui in the North Island and after studying tourism has spent most of his adult life down in Queenstown.


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