Easy and Fun to Ride

Take the Queenstown Tour to explore the town with the amazing Segway!

There’s nothing that compares to the unique motion of riding this eco-friendly machine. It’s an awesome alternative to hiring a normal push bike/e-bike. Moving the vehicle is as simple as just leaning your body. Lean forward to go forwards, lean back to stop. It feels a little weird at first but Segway on Q will have you riding like a pro in no time. The thrill you’ll get from this will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Who is this for?

  • A Queenstown family activity that you can all do together
  • Couples – We get lots of couples and even feature on the 2022 TVNZ dating show ‘The Ex Best Thing’!
  • Small groups who are wanting to do something together that’s fun
  • Wedding parties looking for something a little bit different to do with their guests
  • Corporate and Incentive Groups who want to reward their team with a fun Queenstown activity
  • Anyone who wants to see more of Queenstown and have lots of fun at the same time

Meeting and Training

To get started you’ll meet us at our starting point which is about a 10min walk from town or a 1min drive. This location is clarified when booking and can be found on our contact page.

We’ll get you to complete our safety terms form then get you fitted with a helmet. A quick training session gets you used to the unique motion of the Segway. You’ll start with a little one on one session then you’ll be left to have some time to get used to it. Your experienced Segway guide will go through a couple more control tests then you’re ready to embark on your Queenstown adventure.

Tour Details

A friendly Segway on Q tour guide will help you to remember your fabulous experience with a photo stop at a very picturesque Queenstown lakeside location. If you want more at other spots, just ask. They’ll be happy to take care of that for you. What’s more, they’ll use YOUR camera so there is no charge for these memories.

The tour takes you around Queenstown’s best locations with your experienced local guide sharing some information along the way. The whole time you can take in the scenic lakeside Lake Wakatipu views whilst riding on this novel transporter.

You’ll get to ride from one side of town out to the other checking out lots of fabulous Queenstown sightseeing while having fun on the Segway. Total tour distance varies from a variety of factors but can cover over 10kms.

Later, you take a cruise through the beautiful Queenstown Gardens. This tour really gives you an opportunity to see more of Queenstown in a short time without walking. You also get to experience something a little bit different to an e-bike or push bike. While in the Gardens, you’ll get to stretch your legs for 5mins with another surprise activity taster thrown in. 

On the way back, you have the option to try a higher speed setting. This, combined with some other added play will leave you in awe of the amazing technology that is the eco-friendly Segway! You’ll have a novel experience that you may not have done before that you can tell all your family and friends about when you get home.

Also Available/Book Now

If time and/or budget is limited please check out our 1hr Bay Ride.

To enjoy the ultimate Queenstown Tour CLICK HERE TO CHECK AVAILABILITY!

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