Is a Queenstown bike tour or a Segway tour the best way to go for you?

We take a look at some of the differences between Segway tours and bikes options, both guided and unguided.

Are you looking for a familiar experience or something different?

Queenstown bikes will most likely deliver a similar biking experience to bikes elsewhere, however the views will certainly be different just by virtue of being in Queenstown with it’s stunning scenery. An e bike can provide some additional boost as it helps power you along.

The Segway however provides quite a unique sensation which most people find incredibly fun to ride. It’s different to riding bikes as you operate it by leaning where you want to go. This unexpected joy is a thrill to many and quite a change to the norm. A little training is required to get you up and going on the Segway to help with this new adventure. It doesn’t take long though before you get the hang of it and have the fun you deserve on your holiday in Queenstown!

Do you want a steady pace experience or one that builds progressively?

For speed and range over the trails then Queenstown bike rental or tour will cover more ground.  I can’t speak for the variety that all the different Queenstown bike tours offer but along the Queenstown Trail you can expect a relatively steady pace. Of course there will be some variations to speed as you climb and descend some hills.

The Segway starts off on a training speed to give you time to get used to this cool way to get around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. As the tour goes on and riders get more comfortable speeds can be increased. These changes provide a progression from slow to fast, provided riders are comfortable.

Do you want the freedom to do your own thing or would you appreciate the benefits that an experienced guide can offer?

There are numerous bike tour services in Queenstown and again I can’t speak for all of them so this comparison is simply between bike rental and Segway tours.

There is only 1 Segway operator in Queenstown. Segway on Q has been providing tours along parts of the Queenstown Bike Trail long before it even officially opened. That familiarity of operating in the same area means Segway on Q can deliver a highly refined product to provide the best possible experience to the customer by a well versed local guide who has been operating for many, many years. The feedback and reviews on sites like google, Trip Advisor and facebook are consistently of the highest calibre. Check it out for yourself. There’s only 1 company to research – Segway on Q.

How much energy do you want to expend?

Regular bikes give you a great opportunity for exercise. To take it a bit easier, Queenstown e bikes will certainly help out there.

If you’d rather save your energy for other pursuits during your day, then the Segway is the easiest going of the lot. It’s not completely passive as you still need to stand and gently lean in the direction you want to go. You could also discover that you may notice it in some muscles you don’t use in everyday life. To get around the town with the greatest of ease and see more without walking, the Segway is the best way to see Queenstown!

So, why not try something different? Check out our tour options to see if you’re game to give it a go!

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Kevin, a Kiwi, started Segway on Q in 2006. He's from Mt Maunganui in the North Island and after studying tourism has spent most of his adult life down in Queenstown.


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