From rides to races, this fantastic team building experience will stand out as one to remember!

We’ll bring our Segway PT’s to your event for anything from short rides to an ‘Amazing Race’. From just a short ride everyone will enjoy discovering the unique motion of the Segway. There are a range of activities we can include adding even more excitement.  Venues can include car parks, grassed areas, even indoors if the space is big enough. Let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor an option to suit you.

A Segway experience is such a unique and exciting activity and will be a team talking point for months and years to come.

Segway Polo

This is an exciting game where 2 teams of 3 to 4 players each battle it out to score goals while riding a Segway! Additional players watch and cheer from the sidelines, then substitute throughout the game, so everyone keeps entertained.

We can take a group of people who have never been on a Segway and train them to ride in 15 minutes before the game. Segways are set to go no faster than jogging speed to ensure maximum safety and maximum fun. Rules are kept simple, like a fun game of soccer or hockey.

The team at Segway on Q (along with partners who had never ridden before) first played this at our own Christmas Party in December 2012 and as it’s so much fun we’ve done it again and again. (Check out the photos on our facebook page). Official Segway Polo mallets have since been purchased and are available for all games.

Business Promotions

Wow! Segway PT’s are major head turners!  They attract attention wherever they go.  If you have a product to promote then using Segways is a proven way to get your product noticed.

Team Building

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Segway Polo

ASB Promo

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