“What are the age, height and weight restrictions?”

Segway on Q has not set any specific age restriction but generally it’s recommended for ages 10+. The handlebars are telescopic to cater for different heights. Bodyweight plays the most important role as this is what controls the vehicle. Riders should be between 35 – 120kgs (77 – 265lbs). If slightly outside this range please visit/call/email us to check suitability. 

“How many customers can you take on a tour”

8 customers. At times capacity may be limited to 6 customers for those booking at short notice. For all advance bookings, a second guide will be available to cater for groups up to 8.

“When should I book?” / “What if it rains?”

If you have a preference which trip you take and when you go, you should definitely book in advance. We have a 24hr cancellation policy so you can still get a refund (less $5 admin fee) if your circumstances change up until that period. We often accept rescheduling within that period too if needed, at our discretion.

Our tours typically proceed in light or occasional rain.  To make the experience more comfortable we have jackets and gloves for those that need them.  In the event of heavy or continuous rain, or if you’re just concerned about the conditions, please call us an hour before your booking time to discuss options.

“Where is Segway on Q located?”

Come see us at Shop 5, 93 Beach St, next to Crowne Plaza. Opening hours are typically 9am – 530pm. If we’re all busy the shop may be closed but there should always be someone to take your call between 8am-8pm. Our complimentary shuttle service can collect you from there for bookings.

Alternatively, you can meet us (by prior arrangement) at the starting point, the One Mile Powerhouse Car Park. It has free all day parking. 2 minutes drive from town at the end of Lake Esplanade you come to a roundabout with 3 major exits and a dirt road exit. This exit has a sign to indicate the One Mile Powerhouse.


“Who invented the Segway?”

It’s the brainchild of American inventor Dean Kamen who holds hundreds of patents for many inventions and technologies. He lives on his own island, flies his own helicopter to work each day and raised more than US$100 million to develop the Segway. It took nine years from conception to going on sale in March 2003. The company Segway Inc is based in New Hampshire, USA, where it has its own manufacturing plant.

“How does it work?”

The eco-friendly Segway Personal Transporter (PT) uses technology called “Dynamic Stabilization” to maintain its balance and move forward and backward.  A series of five gyroscopes and a system of microprocessors along with two electric motors are constantly working to balance the rider. The Segway PT quickly feels like an extension of your body making it easy for you to remain confident, comfortable and in control.

“How fast can it go?”

The #1 question everyone wants to know. New riders start on the beginner’s speed which is limited to 9kmph. The open speed setting can see you riding at up to 20kmph. That’s sprinting pace!

“How far can a Segway go?”

Up to 39km depending on the weight and riding style of the rider and terrain. Climbing hills reduces the range, but going down actually recharges the Li-Ion batteries.

“Where can it be used?”

The Segway moves safely and easily with, amongst and around people. It can turn on the spot and can safely transverse concrete, grass, sand and snow. See our facebook post from August 2011 for testing our snow tyres in 10cm of Queenstown powder or the June 2013 post on the ice rink.

“How do they handle the hills?”

Watch Segway on Q proprietor, Kevin Hey, climb the world’s steepest street.